BA Bakery is best for the healthy cake and  cookies in delhi gurgaon and noida.

With the perpetual desire to integrate health into people’s daily life, BA soon realized that the biggest enemy to an individual’s health is the consumption of low quality and unhealthy sweets and baked products, that may be loaded with artificial flavors, unhealthy fats, emulsifiers, fructose corn syrups and other such ingredients that are detrimental to health, especially if consumed on a regular basis.

The road to global health lies in catering healthy fresh sweet and savory snacks that are an essential part of an urban individual’s daily lifestyle. Particularly those items that are baked, which one can easily take away, grab for breakfast, or indulge with loved ones for a celebration.

Thus, Butterfly Ayurveda took on the journey of bringing about a change in people’s eating habits by replacing unhealthy bakery items with freshly prepared healthy baked products. Combining our love for baking and Ayurveda, we penetrated into the space where we make a change by bringing together taste and health. Our aim was to offer people wholesome goodness and delicious taste through our original in-house developed recipes, that ensure compatibility of ingredients for the best taste, and health impact possible.

We guarantee that you will not experience any kind of heaviness, nausea, bloating, or discomfort in your stomach post consuming our freshly prepared products. We use 100% natural ingredients that include freshly ground flours, freshly sourced cow ghee, nuts, and seeds, and prepare in-house batters.

Enjoy our menu, and be sure to reach out to us in case you wish to order something extra special!